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Microphone Toggle Switch with Indicators
$99.95  CAD

The Alectro Systems MMSI-T works with any balanced Dynamic or Condenser microphone having a standard 3 pin XLR connector. It enables you to turn these microphones on and off without producing a click or pop on your sound system. The unit has one Female XLR connector to plug in the microphone cable and one Male XLR to connect to your mixer.

A Blue LED indicates that Phantom Power is present, and a Green LED indicates when the microphone is turned ON. When the LEDs are not lit, they appear Clear, so there is no confusion whether they are on or off. If you don't have Phantom power, the unit will still function, however the indicators will not illuminate.

Three versions are available. This one is the standard MMSI-T which comes with a toggle switch. It can be placed on, or attached to, a flat surface. Foot Switch, and Remote Switch versions are also available.

The device is housed in a rugged steel case, about 3.75"w x 3"h x 1.75"d. It can be easliy opened by removing four screws from the top of the lid. This reveals four holes in the bottom of the chassis through which you can screw the device to a table top or other surface for permanent mounting.

Because the cover screws are in the top rather than the sides, the unit can be fastened close to a corner without making it difficult to re-assemble.

The MMSI is supplied with rubber feet and double sided foam tape to provide several mounting options.

This item is shipped World Wide.

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