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ASI HM-1 Head Microphone
$412.16  CAD

The ASI HM-1 is a no compromise, single ear head microphone. It provides excellent sound quality for speech and singing using a tiny microphone element.

Unlike most other single head microphones, the HM-1 is not likely to slip once it has been placed around the ear. A comfortable, soft, gripping ear piece provides stability which approaches that of double ear head microphones.

A convenient feature of the HM-1 is the easy modification for all makes and models of belt packs. The microphone comes with a removable cable and separate connector which screws onto the belt pack end. Connectors are available for most belt packs.

The price shown above is for the microphone with cable and connector.

NOTE: When ordering this microphone, please be sure to select your connector choice from the drop down menu below.

This item is shipped World Wide.


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