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Telex Hearing Assistance System
$1,112.02  CAD

The Hearing Assistance system we always sell to churches is the Telex Personal Listening System. This is the best in all aspects. The transmitter connects to the amplifier and transmits directly to the pocket receivers.

The transmitter has a range of about 1000 feet and will go through floors, ceilings and walls. This means that the listener can pick up the signal anywhere in the building. The transmitter can easily be moved to any other location and connected to another amplifier or directly to a microphone. This allows you to use the system anywhere. There are many options including various styles of earbuds, headphones and neckloops.

The basic system consists of the transmitter with power supply and antenna, plus four belt pack receivers with single earbuds. You need to add 8 AA batteries plus a cable to connect your mixer to the transmitter. We sell all types of cables.

The SM-1-039 operates on 72.9 MHz. Other frequencies are available.

This item is shipped World Wide.

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