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Telex Soundmate SR-50 Single Channel Pocket Receiver
$126.36  CAD

This is the same receiver which comes with the SM-1-039 Soundmate system. You can add as many SR-50 pocket receivers as you want. The SR-50 requires 2 AA batteries plus an earphone such as the single earbud (LA161) sold separately.

These receivers are available in several different channels. Make sure you order the one which matches your system. Use the drop-down menu below.

The SR-50 channels use letter codes. Some of the older AAR-10 receivers also use letters, but some use numbers.
Be careful not to confuse the Number " 1 " with the Letter " I " ( refer to the Compatibility Chart. ).

If you need receivers for a system which uses channel numbers instead of letters, please refer to this Compatibility Chart.

NOTE: We only stock channel " I " however all channels are available with about a 2 week lead time.

Because orders other than channel " I " are a special order, they are non-returnable, so please be careful to order the correct one.

This item is shipped World Wide.


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