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Silent Angled Guitar Cable
$45.86  CAD

The CAUTSSTSA is an instrument patch cable with an angled connector designed to eliminate the pops and hums that occur when one connects or disconnects their instrument during a practice or live event. Connecting or disconnecting cables causes a pop or crackle to occur through the sound system. Disconnected cables are susceptible to an annoying hum until reconnected.

There are many planned and sudden reasons why a musician will unplug their instrument during use, which typically must be muted by the sound operator to avoid these nasty noises. This cable eliminates this problem, leaving the musician free to unplug and replug their instrument as required.

This price is for the 15 foot length. Select your desired cable length from the drop-down menu below.

This item is made in Canada by Alectro Systems and is shipped World Wide.


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