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Mic / Line Radio Interference Filter - Eliminates Radio Station Pick-up on Sound Systems

The Mic / Line RFI Filter from Alectro Systems eliminates annoying radio interference on sound systems.

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Audio Line Level De-coupler - Eliminates AC Hum caused by ground loops

Are you getting AC Hum on your sound system? This is usually caused by a ground loop between your mixer and other pieces of equipment such as a DVD player or computer. This de-coupler completely eliminates this problem.

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Mobile Vehicle Intercom Systems With Siren

These systems were designed for the armored vehicle industry to allow the driver to communicate with a person outside, without opening a window. A dual version adds communication with a passenger in the back of an armored truck.

As well as an intercom, they also include a siren.

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Door Alarm with Adjustable Delay - Great for Freezers & Fridges

The DA20 door alarm warns you when a door has been left open. When the door is first opened, it remains silent for a pre-determined (adjustable) period of time. After this, it emits a loud tone to warn you that the door has been left open.

You'll never leave the freezer door open again with this device. A loud tone reminds you that the door is open.

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Door Alarm Siren and Power Supply Accessories - Great for Industrial Applications

The DA20 AC Power Supply and Siren options can be easily connected to the standard DA20 door alarm, providing a VERY LOUD Siren alarm and constant power supply without need for batteries.

This provides you with the same features as our famous Door Alarm, simply with no batteries to change and an "industrial strength" sounding alarm.

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MMSI-S Fully Silent Microphone Mute Switch with Indicator LEDs - New Product

The MMSI-S is a Fully Silent Microphone Mute Switch which turns Condenser and Dynamic Microphones On and Off without any mechanical or electrical noise. The unit can operate with phantom power or battery, and is sold with an external power supply.

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MMSI Microphone Mute Switch with Indicator LEDs

The MMSI is a Microphone Mute Switch which turns Condenser and Dynamic Microphones On and Off silently. The Indicator LEDs are Phantom Powered so there is no battery or external power supply. The switch comes in a stomp-box version, toggle switch version, and remote toggle switch version.

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Sound Operator's Handbook and A/V Training Course with Narration

"Everything you wanted to know about sound but didn't know who to ask". The handbook is in Acrobat Reader format, and the A/V course is about 2-1/2 hours long in Flash. It applies to all sound system configurations and equipment.

Both versions are available as a download and on CD.

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Sound Systems Design and Installation Course

This book, in acrobat reader format. provides you with all the information you need to design and proper sound reinforcement system.

This course is available as a download and on CD.

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FB674 Small Flush Mount Floor Box holds standard wall plates

The FB674 mounts flush with the platform or stage floor to provide concealed access to microphone, monitor speaker or computer video jacks. It is used with standard wall plates..

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FB897 Flush Mount Audio Video Connection Floor Box System

The FB897 mounts flush with the platform or stage floor to provide concealed access to microphone, monitor speaker and computer video jacks. Many options (including AC power) and configurations are available.

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Acoustic Guitar Low Pass Filter Cable

The CAULPTS series of cables are designed for Acoustic Guitars with built in Pick-ups.
When a passive Pick-Up is installed in an Acoustic Guitar, the sound from the Pick-Up is often "thin" and "tinny". The CAULPTS Cable corrects this.

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Auto-Muting Instrument Patch Cable

The CAUTSSTS(A) is an instrument patch cable designed to eliminate the pops and hums that occur when one disconnects their instrument during a practice or live event.

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RA246 Floor Wire Raceway System

The RA246 is a steel raceway system to permanently cover wiring which has been run along the floor.

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Are you a licensed vendor purchasing our products for resale? Consider becoming an Alectro Systems Authorized Dealer.

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